We recently absorbed Two Companies

Our system is State-of-the-Art and it just got better.
We have absorbed Two companies and their features are seamlessly incorporated into our system.
Check out their features.



Watch the video below for some of the features. The sky is the limit here, and we can help you design a unique system that fits your needs.



There were a couple of features in BubbleFinder that we incorporated, namely the ability to show virtually Any format. When these are combined with our Location Based Marketing on Auto-Pilot, the system is unbeatable.

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If what you see in the videos above peaks your interest, we should talk.

 Because of our affilliation with appVOLV and how our system works, we can show you how to get all the tools you need for some Incredible Local Advertising for merely the cost of One SPOT.

An Exclusive System that will bring more Customers


The Missing Link for Consumer to Business Marketing.


Beginning in Utah, expanding throughout North America.

Now live on Android and Apple.