Our notifications are delivered via. Push Notifications

Universally Accepted

Push Notifications are the Future of Communications.

The Key

* Near 100% Delivery Rate.
* No extra charges for large lists.
* Instant Delivery.
* Universally Accepted


* No Spam, EVER.
* No Possibility of a Virus.
* Users information isn't "Mined," Sold or Shared, EVER.
* Users get alerts from Who they want, When they want.

Folks Accept Push Notifications

As folks stroll through an area they will receive either you GeoFence Push notification, or your Beacon Push when the are in range.
You have total control.
Change up the messages at any time, on the fly.

Tailor the message to certain demographics. You can control which group receives the message, when and where.

We will function with Any connected device, and there are even options for WiFi or email for the times when someone doesn't have their connection.
Sending 1 or 10,000, no big deal.
And the Full Push feature means All Devices that have the app.

You have options,

Create Campaigns that use any of our Proximity Marketing solutions, or merely Push Out Messages to your list. One Click and everyone has it in a matter of minutes.

It can be a Link to an offer, an announcement, a video, a landing page, a mini website, a full website, whatever you want.

Our scheduling feature means you can schedule how you want them delivered, which days, which times of the day, skip days, etc.
You have total control. There isn't another system out there that gives you so much control over what, when and where your folks receive your Push Notifications. 

AND, you can do all this from your Tablet or PC, and in some cases, even your SmartPhone.