What if you could Customize the system to Your Needs?

There is no "One Size Fits All" solution. Each business is different with different needs and unique customers.

What if you had a Menu Based System where you could pick Only what you Needed without paying for systems and features you don't need, won't use or are simply not applicable to your business?

What if you could change on the fly because there was no contract?

What if you could pay each month for only what you needed, adding or deleting features as your business needs changed or the seasonal needs changed?

A Few quick points on Pricing

We invite you to shop our prices. Quite frankly you will be shocked.
Not only are the other guys Expensive, they only offer a fraction of what we offer!

GeoTargeting Competition

You've probably seen the banner ads from a company that has "Pro" as the first part of their name.
They do a TON of advertising, even on Fox News.com.
They START at $10,000.00!
We know, we checked.

Very Expensive

All the companies in this space are Extremely Expensive.
In addition, they mainly work off "Pay per Click" or ad impressions when visiting a website. So not only are they Expensive, they can't even approach what we have.


Pretty much All of them push Annual Payments or Contracts, and their systems are very difficult to set-up and implement so you need to not only pay for the system, you pay them to administer.

Our system is Totally Unique

No Contracts, it's Month to Month.
It's a Do-it-Yourself System.
Never Pay for what you Don't Need.
Customize your Marketing System to your needs.

We Deal in SPOTS

Think of a SPOT as a separate marketing tool with a specific function. When you add a spot you have enabled that tool.
You choose the number of SPOTS you need.
Change as often as you like or as your season dictates.

SPOTS are by Month.

Map Listing - 1 Spot.
Geofence = 1 Spot.
1 Beacon = 1 Spot.
 (Beacons are sold separately.)
Push Notifications = 1 Spot.
Indoor Mapping = 1 Spot.

Some KEY Points

When you enable a SPOT you aren't limited in functionality like with so many other programs.
Take engagements with customers. Other companies charge you for the system and then there is Always an additional charge for the number of notifications sent or customers that have engaged, usually in a graduating price point system.

With us, you enable that spot and it doesn't matter if you engage 5 or 5,000 customers, it's covered by enabling that Spot.


Direction of your Marketing

You can customize the system based upon YOUR needs. Have a seasonal business? Drop a bunch of Spots off during your down time and just enable them when work starts back up again.



Regardless of how many spots you have, your ability to take a snapshot of your business and how things are working is included with our Analytics system.

The Packages

All New Customers get a 14-day Free Trial. No invoicing will occur till the 14 days are up.
Cancel at any time, there are no contracts as it's Month to Month.


A Spot

Link Coming

$ 30.00
Per Month
  • Phone Consultation

Most Common

BizPack = 5 Spots

Special till August 1, 2019.
All New BizPack customers receive a 45-day Free Trial.

$ 140.00
Per Month
Addl. @ $28/ea.


Pro = 10 Spots

Link Coming

$ 200.00
Addl. @ $20/ea. 
  • Calculation of Price is based upon the number of spots at the first part of the month.
    Billing occurs the first part of each month unless otherwise specified by the client.
  • Terms are NET 7 meaning each month's payment is due within 7 days of invoice date.
    Invoicing will be by electronic means only.
  • We accept Visa and Master Card.
  • Payments are Required to be set up on a Recurring Payment Status depending on the number of spots selected.
    If changes are made to the number of spots we require notice by email. In order to keep our costs down we haven't developed an automatic feature to change the billing, we need you to shoot us a quick email that you have changed.
  • Term is Up-Front meaning each customer pays for the number of spots chosen at the beginning of the month for that month.
    That payment will cover a one month term.
    If a customer chooses 2 spots then they would set up a recurring payment for $60.00.
    If that customer increases to 5 spots, they would send an email to sales@appsave.net alerting us to the change and set their recurring payment to $140.00.
  • Non-Payment of invoiced amounts will result in account suspension till payment is received.

Our system is Do-it-Yourself.
We give you all the tools you need to create and manage your own Proximity Marketing campaigns.

We are a phone call away and are here to help and soon we'll have a full website with how-to information for everything you need to know to run your own campaigns.

But if you want to have us do it all, let's talk. We can set that up on an ongoing monthly fee and you can drop us and take it over whenever you want, which is actually the main goal.

You do it or We do it.

The goal is for your system to be Do-it-Yourself.
We give you all the tools to do this on your own.
(Website coming.)

  • You do it on your own.
  • We can do it for between $50/mo. and $200/mo. depending upon the complexity of your system.
  • When you are ready to REALLY kick your marketing into High Gear, consider Smarter.Marketing.

A Special Note about your total Online Presence.

The next question becomes what happens when your customers Engage you through their Beacon or GeoFence.
What if you want to Drill Deeper?

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It's some Important information.