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appSAVE® is new and one of the keys to success is 1,000's of app users.
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Choose a Map Listing, a GeoFence or even a Loyalty Program, you decide.

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Increase Sales

And why wouldn't you promote it? 
It will increase your customer base and sales, that's a given.

Display the Flyer

You merely download the flyer of your choice, print it off and display it in your location in a conspicious place where your customers can see it.

Even if you are FREE, you still get the Analytics tools.

Visit the Analytics link. Understand the power of this system.

  • Know where you are at a position in time.
  • Better understand your customers.
  • Make adjustments to increase your profits.

Our Analytics tool will give you a snapshot of your business and what is working.

The Flyers

Marketing is about Exposure

We make it easy for folks to download the app, they just click or scan.

Easy to Share

We also make it easy for your customers to share the app, bringing you even more customers.


It's all about Growing your Business.
This is a Win/Win.
You get a Free system and we get exposure.

The Flyers

Choose the one you like, download and Print.
Note that we will Customize your Flyer if you like.
Display your information to download YOUR app.

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