Will Beacons help in Your Business?
C/NET Sure thinks so.



Imagine being able to find what you want in your favorite Grocery Store with the Push of a Button?


Rewards & Games

As you saw on the Customer Loyalty link, beacons are Very Useful here.


ALL Devices

Our system works with All beacons and All devices.
In fact, we even work on Social and the Web.


Pocket Billboard

Use your Beacons to direct folks to a specific area in your store, or if in a mall, to bring them in.
There are even waterproof ones for outdoor use.



Use different strentgh beacons to direct folks to a specific area or even a specific item. Your options are unlimited.

Major Brands are realizing the Power of Beacons

Target, Walgreens, Ikea and numerous other major brands realize that to compete in this plugged in, connected world they need to be on the Home Screen of their Customer's device.

  • Not only is our App extremely affordable, it's more powerful than the apps from target and Ikea.
  • You pick your options, grow as you need.
  • Watch the NBC News clip of the Target rollout. We can do everything they do, and a Lot More.
  • Here is a News Clip...

Target spent more on just their app development than the average small business makes in an entire year.

We use Gimbal, Estimote, Radius, and all others.

A Few More Points

An Exclusive, No Other System does this.

- No possibility of a Virus
- We NO NOT use Cookies. We don't need to keep blasting you with marketing junk. 
- We capture only Very Minimal information on you, and even that is optional.
- Your information isn't "Mined," sold or shared...EVER
- This is NOT Text Messaging. We respect that text messaging is your personal space. 
- Our system is A.I. Powered Set and Forget Technology.
- It just sits there Churning out Happy Customers day after day.

In addition, you might want to see some of our
We can show you how to implement this if you like and you may be surprised to know most of this can be done for FREE.