As a Consumer you are probably asking...

"What will this do for Me?"

Make your Smartphone SMARTER
Support Local Businesses
Instant Information on a Business
Get a Whole New Shopping Experience
Upgrade your Google Maps


Helping Businesses AND Yourself

Stories That Matter

On the link above, See Why C/NET is calling this
"The Next Big Thing."

Guess what,

It's Here Now

Get alerted to Deals that are Close.

You control What you see. In fact, we give you more control than any system out there, which explains our popularity.

  • Choose by Category.
  • Choose by Area.
  • Turn the Do Not Disturb ON or OFF.
  • The system runs in a "Battery Safe" mode.
  • As you move around, it only shows deals from the area you are currently in. Next city, next state, no problem.
  • The usually bombardment of ads is GONE.

Today's consumer wants MORE.

Things have changed, it's a New Era.

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Our system features A.I. Technology that knows if your phone language is set to English or Spanish.

If your phone default language is set to Spanish then automatically everything you see is in Spanish...buttons, navigation, links, etc.

When the business activates thes feature it all happens automatically.